Automated Pharma Warehouse and Distribution: For Complete Peace of Mind

The pharma distribution chain is a complex ecosystem that lies at the heart of a pharmaceutical company’s success. 

Some of the biggest challenges facing the industry include supply chain visibility, drug counterfeiting and cold-chain shipping – and the sector needs workable strategies to get patients consistent access to their medication – especially in the face of the current supply chain crisis.  

One of the fastest growing categories in supply chain distribution is cold chain, which refers to an emerging class of pharmaceuticals that include vaccines, and gene therapy products. These products are often complex, expensive and significantly more sensitive to temperature changes and microbial contamination than regular pharmaceuticals.  

In this space, drugs and pharmaceuticals that are distributed incorrectly can affect a company’s reputation, impact customer satisfaction, profit margins, but most importantly, consumer health. 

It is critical to partner with a wholesale distributor that understands the benefits of automated technology and how it could turn your distribution capability from a cost into a profit centre. This is an important aspect to consider in this highly competitive environment. 

Moving with the times 

In the past, traditional pick, pack & ship systems in the pharma sector were governed by a manufacturer’s stock requirements, but also to keep track of, and predict their future needs. This could veer from stocking a broad range of medicines to merely forging and building relationships with manufacturers. 

But as pharma distribution and warehousing becomes more automated, end-of-line solutions such as robotic pick & place started gaining acceptance as the packaging system of choice. In the main this has been due to its significant success in getting products and drugs to patients correctly and timeously. There are several reasons for this:   

  • The technology offers a compact and efficient design 
  • Offers a higher level of cleanliness  
  • Can be coupled to a proven record of accomplishment, reliability, durability, and accuracy.  
  • Impacts positively on costing 
  • Cuts human error.  


Your partner in quality & secure distribution 

As disruptions in the shipping industry continue, marked by tight capacity and upward pricing pressure, it continues to have a direct impact on the delivery of pharmaceutical products across the globe.  

By partnering with an agile pharma distributor such as Clarity Pharma, doctors, pharmacies, dispensaries, and e-commerce facilities can be assured of an effective means of distribution. Our ultramodern systems mean that we will get the right drugs and pharmaceuticals to consumers, on time, every time. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide fully compliant premium warehousing and logistics facilities with capacity for ambient and chilled warehousing storage, a state-of-the-art controlled drug vault and 578ft of drugs space. Our facilities are also Home Office and Medical Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved for the distribution of controlled drugs.  

Feel free to contact the Clarity team for more information on how its facilities and shipping services can assist you.